May 18, 2024


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Hotel Moment episode #49: "That's a wrap; fun moments from this season"

That’s a wrap: fun moments from this season

Karen Stephens: Never a dull working day, it is like, what the heck is going on?

Matthijs Welle: I like like Beyoncé…

Karen Stephens: Ideal, yeah.

Matthijs Welle: …or some thing, that’s like another person I really seem up to.

Karen Stephens: There you go.

Karen Stephens: So I’m in fact waiting to the tumble when points mellow out a minimal bit, and then I’m likely to Hawaii. And yeah, I will make that bleisure for guaranteed, because…

Peter Ricci: I would not say weighty hitter, but I experienced critical-lime pie past night time, so it is there.

Karen Stephens: Wonderful.

Fabricio Titiro: I dunno if this is a, it is an precise expression, but it is a quite widespread known as,  “paralyzed by analysis”. I think this is like paralysis by crisis. Suitable?

Karen Stephens: Oh, which is a new 1.

Johnathan Capps: Budget’s, uh, you know, scaring me a small bit, but, uh, yeah, we’re gonna, we’ll be organized to communicate about it.

Rob Mangiarelli: Of course, I have no plan who Ed Sheeran is, and he had to tell me, and I was like, “Oh, that is who he is.” He’s perspiring absent on the treadmill and we’re, we’re going for walks the lodge.

Paul Hitselberger: Effectively, I, I bought in this article, as I stated, I began out as a line cook dinner in Atlantic Metropolis.

Karen Stephens: On up the chain.

Paul Hitselberger: Uh, uh, you know, and, and, and then grew to become a COO. No, uh, I experienced a large amount of stops in amongst.

Matthijs Welle: And then we walked into the Waldorf, Amsterdam, which is crazy. Ridiculously costly. I minimize tons of individuals outta my visitor list to make that do the job.

Fabricio Titiro: Basically, they had been showcasing. There have been a ton of robots.

Karen Stephens: I was in the lobby, and I observed Joe Montana, and my response was just to go, “Oh boy, there’s Joe Montana.” And like get a actually horrible picture from the side.

Johnathan Capps: Hey! At minimum it’s documented.

Paul Hitselberger: So take my position. You know, if a person who was a line cook can turn into the COO, any person can!

Karen Stephens: COO.

Rob Mangiarelli: It’s the first working day. I was worn out simply because I’d hardly ever worked overnight ahead of. So it was just a lengthy evening. And that started off my, very long record of, coffee consuming, was working evening audit at the Holiday break Inn.

Karen Stephens: And also, congratulations. Congratulations on your relationship this yr. Which is excellent.

Matthijs Welle: For anyone who miracles what variations? Practically nothing modifications. It is just another day. I guess like that concern arrives out, “Oh my God, what’s changed? I’m like, practically nothing. It’s just a further day. I labored just as really hard as I did right before.”

Karen Stephens: Yeah, massive bill for a great party, and on we go.

Fabricio Titiro: At all charges prevent being late to the get together.

Karen Stephens: Really don’t late to the celebration. Determine out wherever you are. You can be a quick follower. Which is fantastic. You can be in the wave. Correct on.

Fabricio Titiro: Even arrive with the big wave, but never be late to the social gathering.

Karen Stephens: Really do not be late to the get together.

Paul Hitselberger: Absolutely.

Karen Stephens: Enhance on the beach

Paul Hitselberger: I explained to her she married the appropriate man.

Karen Stephens: Which is proper, That’s superb. It is like, “Is bleisure gonna be the new section?”, and Jonathan’s vote is ideally not.