July 14, 2024


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A Travel To The Past in Cidade Velha, Cape Verde

A Travel To The Past in Cidade Velha, Cape Verde

Right after performing a full day Santiago Island Tour as well as a workshop, I had a second working day nicely spent! I’m still in Santiago in Cape Verde, and this time, I explored the highlights of Cidade Velha, the country’s previous funds.

This unforgettable day was pleasurable and interesting, all many thanks to Bu Nation Tours and Maria – my information and my photographer that day! Haha. Guys, she normally takes superior photos! Alright, without further more ado, here’s how I put in my second working day in Cidade Velha with Bu Nation Excursions.

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About Cidade Velha

Cidade Velha is a city in Santiago. It’s located on the southern portion of the island. Since it is the former capital of Cape Verde, there are a great deal of destinations that can be explored below which I will share with you below. 

Highlights of My Cidade Velha Tour

Cidade Velha – now declared a Entire world Heritage Site by UNESCO – with all its sights need to absolutely be visited when traveling to the island of Santiago. The originality was still preserved below! Distinctive impressions await any individual visiting in this article!

A Travel To The Past in Cidade Velha, Cape Verde My 174th Country!

Cidade Velha

After I arrived in this city, I was welcomed by heartwarming people! The metropolis alone is prosperous in tradition and history. It was launched by Portuguese settlers and named it Ribeira Grande also identified as Cideda Velha. This is also the explanation why the town is referred to as the birthplace of Cape Verdean country and society. I was so glad that I was given the option to get to know this astounding city with remarkable individuals.

Fortaleza Actual de Sao Filipe

A person of the places we visited in Cidade Velha, Fortaleza Authentic de Sao Filipe. A pay a visit to to the fort earlier mentioned Cidade Velha is a must. It has been mostly restored in the latest many years, so people can however see its natural beauty up to this day. I was blown absent by the spectacular all-spherical see. Not only that, but it also delivers insights of the loaded earlier of the island. 

Se Catedral

The third spot we went to was Se Catedral. The ruins are extremely impressive since of their dimension alone. Currently only a several walls have remained standing, but from right here, you can also see grave slabs and have a wonderful view of the castle and the metropolis.


Another must-pay a visit to place in Cidade Velha. The “Pelourinho”, a pillory from 1512 that commemorates the background of the Ribeira Grande slave market. At first glance, it appears to be like like another pillory, but as before long as I was informed the tale of the slaves, I commenced to truly feel its genuine body weight and symbolism.

A Travel To The Past in Cidade Velha, Cape Verde My 174th Country!

It is in the gorgeous square of the exact same title, exactly where the local vendors are concentrated and in entrance of the sea. The square is lovely and properly suitable for locals marketing fruit and many memento merchandise. 

Rua Banana

When we went to Rua Banana, it felt like we traveled back again in time. Right here, you can see classic homes and banana trees in between. Getting to wander as a result of one particular of the oldest streets in Africa is some thing to glimpse ahead to! It’s a speedy walk, but it is unquestionably a highlight in the wonderful Cidade Velha.

Nossa Senhora do Rosario Church

Soon after checking out Rua Banana, they took me to Nossa Senhora do Rosario Church. The church dates back from 1945. This is in which the slaves from West Africa were being baptized in advance of being shipped to Brazil.

Convento de Sao Francisco

This was our final cease just before we headed back to the resort. The stays of Convento de Sao Francisco reward the limited climb with a excellent see over the Ribeira Grande and the sea. However, only components of the convent have survived, but it offers an remarkable insight about the historical past of the town. 

A Travel To The Past in Cidade Velha, Cape Verde My 174th Country!

We finished the tour with me nonetheless blown absent by the things I discovered that working day. Even even though tons of smiling faces welcomed me, the tragic earlier of the town is something we all really should admit.

By discovering all these, we can learn from it and make certain that something like this will not ever occur yet again now, and in the in the vicinity of future.